Social Media

Transition to Social Media

We have exiting news to share with you,

The Pacific NW Regional Council of Carpenters is transitioning from email alerts to social media channels, namely Facebook and Twitter. We know this is a big change; however we feel it is a smart and efficient one. Since social media provides instant and ongoing connections with everyone who uses it, as it transmits news immediately for all to see. Using technology, we can produce and broadcast information in a new effective and cost efficient way that has never been done before.

Many people may not be very familiar with Facebook or Twitter, we want to assure you that they are very simple to use and manage and after learning how to use these powerful new tools it will be a great way to stay updated with the Union news, campaigns, opportunities, petitions and other activities. It won’t take long for everyone to be connected and able to start communicating, and we are happy to offer help to those who need it.

If you are already on Facebook and/or Twitter please stop by to “like” our Facebook page at

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New to Facebook and/or Twitter?

If you have never used Social Media before, we are including some useful links to explain the basics of signing up, and the basic usages of both Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook: This Link will take you to a webpage with both detailed written instructions, and a video tutorial to help get you started:

Twitter:  Here is a link to a short video explaining how to get started on Twitter, under the video is written instructions:

After you view the videos, please visit and www.twitter.comto get started


Why Social Media?

Today social media is being used by most organizations to engage and connect users to the conversation. It gives users real time updates about relevant news about the Carpenters, Campaigns, and other Union activities. Social media is and when used efficiently keeps everyone informed, and connected.


Benefits of Using Facebook and Twitter

– Staying informed of important messages will be a key benefit to using Facebook and Twitter.

-You will stay informed about activities and other current events and issues that may be going on.

– You can get leads on upcoming work, or inform people when your job is hiring. The more people in our network, the more useful this tool can be.

-The most important benefit of Facebook and Twitter is that it’s free. In today’s world this is the most cost effective way you can communicate to a large group of people and be able to post things that will be relevant and interesting to everyone.


Community and Privacy

Social media is not only for posting and updating, but it’s also for connecting and creating an interaction that everyone can share. Being able to reply to a tweet or comment on a Facebook post, allows all members to be engaged and to interact with each other in a way that traditional communication never has allowed in the past.

Communication is no longer the one-way street it once was. With social media, it’s a busy intersection where members, and the community can communicate with each other, and back to their organization and where participants feel much more engaged with the message.

As privacy is very important to you, you will be able to personalize your social media accordingly. You can protect your tweets so only members can read them and the same is true for your Facebook page and updates. This way, if you are posting topics you don’t want the entire world to read about, then it can be limited to just the people you choose. Conversations can also be moderated so that offensive content or language doesn’t get in the way or turn people off from the discussion at hand.

Please be on the lookout for future emails explaining how to get the most from your Facebook or Twitter experience, including more in depth explanations of social media privacy.

If you are already on Facebook and/or Twitter please stop by to “like” our Facebook page at

And Follow us on Twitter @nwcarpenters